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CBD Arkansas Hot Springs Hemp Co.

About Hot Springs Hemp Co.

Get quality CBD in Hot Springs Arkansas from the founders of the world famous 3D Cannabis Centers, recognized home of the world’s first recreational adult use cannabis sale. Hot Springs Hemp Company manufacturers, wholesales & retails organically grown Hemp CBD Oil products, specializing in CBD Oil Tinctures available in 8 human flavors and 4 pet flavors. 

We are successful cannabis industry veterans who have witnessed first had what cannabis product can do and we want to continue to provide the highest quality, pure CBD products for the lowest cost possible to you because it doesn’t matter if it works if you can’t afford it.

Your CBD Store in Hot Springs, AR

We are your CBD store in Hot Springs, Arkansas for full spectrum and THC Free CBD Edibles, CBD Drinks, CBD Oil Tinctures, CBD Topicals, CBD Capsules, CBD Skin Care, CBD, CBG & Delta 8 Hemp Flower Smokables and more. All products are made with the finest quality American cultivated and processed Federally legal industrial hemp. Shop for CBD in Hot Springs at Hot Springs Hemp Company.

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About Us

My name is Toni Fox and my husband Barry and I are the passionate owners of a full spectrum CBD store in Hot Springs, AR – Hot Springs Hemp Company, llc which is located in beautiful and historic downtown Hot Springs, Arkansas.

We are successful veterans of the cannabis industry and were founding members of many of the largest cannabis industry organizations and grass roots cannabis reform groups in the country and have advocated for cannabis policy reform for the past 30 years.

We have built several successful cannabis businesses in Colorado including our first Medical Marijuana business which opened in 2010. 3-D Denver’s Discreet Dispensary llc (DBA 3D Cannabis Center) was a 3500 square foot medical dispensary and 14,000 ft indoor cultivation facility in Denver.

At the time, we constructed the world’s largest cannabis garden viewing corridor which offers over 100 linear feet of amazing views of the entire cannabis cultivation process. It is still there today and is simply a must see in Denver, Colorado.

We always strived to educate our patients and really understand what their needs, expectations and ultimate goals were and to provide the best quality, organically cultivated cannabis options available at that time, most of them were grown by us.

We were recognized as an exemplary cannabis business model for recreational sales in Colorado and assisted city, county and state officials and law enforcement with plant knowledge and rulemaking application.

On January 1, 2014, we converted that location to 100% Adult Use “Recreational” Cannabis sales and we were recognized as the 1st Ever Legal Adult Use Marijuana Sale in the Country and arguably the World.

We opened our second Adult Use “recreational” dispensary/store location in Salida, Colorado in 2014 and also built another 1 acre of cultivation.

In 2016 & 2017 we sold both of those businesses and were going to retire comfortably and quietly in beautiful Hot Springs, Arkansas and raise our awesome son. The plan was to relax and enjoy ourselves – fish, hike, golf, maybe take up some new hobbies.

When we moved to Hot Springs, we thought our cannabis business days were over…

But, in 2018 the Federal Farm Bill was passed into law, essentially relegalizing cannabis hemp as an industrial agricultural crop. We watched the birth of this new modern hemp industry with hope and gratitude that hemp is FINALLY going to be able to be grown and processed and utilized for so many things.

The most interesting to us currently has been the CBD wellness market.

We have always instinctually known and used CBD but now we have medical studies and the “Endocannabinoid System” which is now widely recognized and researchable. There is so much information and so many product options on the internet.

In 2019 we met a local hemp farmer and became quick friends. He told us about the new industry and the new CBD retail stores that were starting to appear all over.

Medical Cannabis is just starting to thrive in Arkansas. It’s still in it’s first few years and the laws will hopefully allow for more cultivation and dispensaries which results in lower prices to the consumer.

We have ALWAYS believed in the healing/wellness properties of the cannabis plant but we were consumers from the THC side of things and were very skeptical of hemp CBD products until we starting using them and researching it… Lots of research and trials.

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When we realized that CBD is arguably the most beneficial and useful cannabinoid in the cannabis plant we started researching the price to the consumer and were shocked and saddened at the retail prices on these products. WHY ARE THEY SO EXPENSIVE???

We realized that we could provide equally good (or better) hemp products for a far lower price and our advocacy and entrepreneurial sides came roaring out…

After a bit of manual labor to get the store looking the way we wanted it to, we opened Hot Springs Hemp Company llc on July 1st 2020. It is your CBD store for quality affordable CBD products.

We offer our small batch Full Spectrum CBD tinctures and our THC Free CBD & CBG Isolate Tinctures in 500mg ($20), 1000mg ($35), 2000mg ($50) in multiple flavor options including Banana Cream, Blueberry, Chocolate Mint, Natural, Peppermint, Pina Colada, Strawberry & Watermelon. We are your full spectrum CBD store in Hot Springs, AR for quality locally sourced CBD Oil tinctures as well as THC Free options.

All of our products are third-party lab tested to ensure potency and regulatory compliance.

Our Awesome & Amazing Staff

We love them like family!!

Our staff consists of three amazing individuals with strong backgrounds and lots of areas of expertise.

Keegan & Stephen work at the retail store in downtown Hot Springs and they also process the online orders.

Stephen is a retired Navy Seal who served our country honorably and now we have the great honor of having him be on our team.

Keegan comes to us from Florida and just finished up a degree in Kinesiology.  He has extensive experience in sports medicine and rehabilitation.  He loves to spend time with his family and has a passion for restoring classic cars and for all things athletic.  He also enjoys occasionally gaming.

Sam is our newest member and she is responsible for the delicious baked goods, chocolates and other various production needs.  She enjoys gardening, crocheting and spending time with her family and friends.  She is also involved in the music festival Flux.

We are grateful and appreciative for each and every one of them!!

Hot Springs Hemp Company Community Partners

Hot Springs Hemp Company is a proud member of the following organizations.

Greater Hot Springs Chamber of Commerce

Hot Springs Hemp Company has been a member of the Greater Hot Springs Chamber of Commerce since 2020. For more than a century, the Greater Hot Springs Chamber of Commerce has been the voice of business and the visionary organization in Hot Springs.

Hot Springs Metro Partnership

The Hot Springs Metro Partnership is the area’s public/private economic development organization, serving all of Garland County. Located in the heart of the nation and within a one-day drive of 80 million people, Hot Springs is a great place to work and live.

Hemp Industries Association

For almost thirty years, the Hemp Industries Association has led the fight to legalize and establish industrial hemp as an agricultural commodity in the United States through advocacy, legal action, and education. Hot Springs Hemp Co is proud to share this mission!
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Hot Springs Hemp Company CBD Store

Brought to you by the founders of the world famous 3D Cannabis Centers. The recognized home of America’s first legal adult use recreational cannabis sale.

We are Arkansas based manufacturers and distributors of high quality organically grown hemp derived CBD Oil Tinctures and hemp cbd products.  We are your Arkansas CBD oil company for high quality and low priced CBD Oils available in Full Spectrum and THC Free options.  We also carry a large selection of CBD infused edibles, topicals, body and spa products, capsules and high CBD and high CBG smokables.