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The Benefits Of Taking Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil Tinctures For Anxiety

What are CBD vs CBG vs THC?

The shelves are stocked with all kinds of herbal goodies that will help just about anybody feel better no matter their woes, but sometimes it’s difficult to keep track of all the different compounds in cannabis and what they do. There are many different CBD and hemp isolate tincture products. Let’s take a look at what each of the major parts of the cannabis plant do so you can choose the best products for your specific needs.

Full Spectrum

Cannabis plants are made up of all kinds of compounds that each have an effect on your body. Your body has receptors that are just waiting to get some of these compounds so they can react. By isolating each compound and figuring out what it does, researchers are able to make cannabis products that are more targeted at specific needs. THC has been the most popular compound in cannabis for the longest amount of time, but it’s really only one tiny part of a plant that has a lot of different benefits. Products that incorporate all of the parts of a cannabis plant, including CBD, CBG and THC, are called full-spectrum. Now that we can isolate the different compounds, it’s easier to pinpoint exactly which one offers the most benefits to an individual. However, some people argue that full-spectrum products are best. Many CBD and CBG products are still full-spectrum because they contain trace amounts of THC that are under the legal limit. Learn more about the different types of CBD and hemp isolate tincture products.

Psychoactive Vs. Body Effects of CBD and hemp isolate tincture products

The part of the cannabis plants that make you light-headed, euphoric and a little dazed and confused is limited to the THC. Neither CBG nor CBD will alter your state of mind. In fact, some researchers are now saying that using CBD products with THC products together could lessen the psychoactive properties of the THC. So if you want the psychoactive results, experiment with and without CBD. THC is good for more than just the psychoactive high. People who lose their appetite from medicines or medical procedures are able to eat after consuming marijuana. People with insomnia also report good experiences with THC. Many people who struggle with crippling anxiety and PTSD calm down using THC. Still, for the most part, THC gets the credit for psychoactive properties while CBD and CBD are given credit for body effects.

Let’s start with CBG since cannabis plants do.

Cannabis plants are high in CBG early in their growth, but up until recently, growers didn’t have a good enough reason to harvest plants before they developed the more sought-after compound THC. Now that patients are showing more demand for CBG, cultivators are planting strains with high CBG and harvesting the plants earlier when levels of CBG are at their highest.  

CBD as an isolate has been popular for several years now and is widely accepted and available. The most cited reasons for using CBD are pain, anxiety, insomnia and arthritis. CBG has gained in popularity in the last few years as it has become easier to find in isolate form, but it is still a much rarer find than CBD. Patients who prefer CBG products are usually looking for relief from high blood pressure, glaucoma, inflammation, IBS, neurological diseases and anxiety among other complaints.

It’s not so much that CBD and CBG have different effects as it is that each person is affected by each compound a little differently. Remember that every person has receptors in their body. With an expert to guide them and some experimentation, patients can find an exact match. The major difference between CBG and CBD is the amount of each compound that occurs in a cannabis plant naturally. Cannabis contains about 25 times more CBD than CBG, and for that reason, CBG products are usually more expensive than CBD products. However, if CBG is the compound that best interacts with your endocannabinoid system, it’s worth it to pay extra to ensure the exact feeling you desire.

Where can I buy CBD and CBG?

Although you can pick up CBD and hemp isolate tincture products just about anywhere, we strongly suggest you buy your CBD products at a reputable shop or dispensary. The stuff you find in convenience stores, novelty shops and even drug stores isn’t regulated. Plus, no one there can give you honest, educated answers to your questions about cannabinoids. There are a lot of benefits to getting your products at a shop dedicated to cannabis products. Hot Springs Hemp Co. is a Hot Springs, Arkansas CBD company offering a range of CBD products grown and processed in Arkansas. Shop now.

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