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Experience CBD Edibles from Hot Springs Hemp Co.

Do you ever find yourself wondering “where can I buy CBD edibles near me?” Or googling where to buy CBD edibles online? You’ve come to the right place for both! Hot Springs Hemp Company offers a variety of all-natural CBD edibles, providing a range of dosages and types that include isolate, full-spectrum, broad-spectrum and Nano. We are passionate about using the highest quality, American-grown hemp to create the best edibles — CBD infused gummies, CBD hard candy, honey sticks, sleep syrup, peanuts, fresh baked goods and instant coffee! Experience CBD edibles from Hot Springs Hemp Co., brought to you by the founders of the famous 3D Cannabis Centers.

CBD Infused Gummies

CBD infused gummies are a delicious way to channel enhanced relaxation during your snack break. Ours come in two different sizes, strengths, and spectrums: The full-spectrum gummies contain multiple cannabis plant extracts, including terpenes, essential oils and other cannabinoids such as cannabinol. The isolate gummies are the purest form of CBD, as they contain no other cannabis plant compounds, making them 100% THC-free. Both the full-spectrum and isolate gummies come in packs of eight or 30, with each gummy containing 25mg of CBD — perfect for daily use and easy to take with you anywhere you go!

CBD Living

Our CBD hard candy from CBD Living includes individually wrapped candies that contain 25mg of CBD each, making them the ideal snack to ease to manage the pressures throughout your day! The secret to these candies is the method used to extract the CBD: nanotechnology, a manufacturing process that reduces CBD molecules into nano-sized droplets without the addition of emulsifiers. This process has been known to move the CBD particles through our bloodstream faster and remain active in the body for a longer period, thereby efficiently delivering results. This special CBD hard candy comes in packs of six and are offered in two scrumptious natural flavors: green apple and cherry.

Are you looking for a boost to aid in your nighttime routine? CBD Living also offers a CBD and melatonin-infused sleep syrup in both grape and cherry flavors. Each four-ounce bottle is packed with 200mg of Nano CBD and 16mg of melatonin to seamlessly ease you into a good night’s sleep.

Baked Goods

Got a bit of a sweet tooth? At Hot Springs Hemp Co., we make our pastries and baked goods in-house weekly with fresh ingredients. This week we have three delectable goodies to choose from: Milk Chocolate Leaves, Marshmallow Treats and Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars. Our bakers lovingly infuse each of our milk chocolate leaves with 70mg full-spectrum CBD. These melt-in-your-mouth little treats come in two per pack and are available in strawberry, chocolate and mint chocolate flavors.

The Marshmallow Treats are a newer CBD offering made with 100mg of full-spectrum, CBD distillate-infused butter, sure to take you back to your childhood with the first bite! Our Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars are baked from scratch with 100mg of full-spectrum CBD, and you can save when you buy six or more at one time! Where can I buy cbd edibles near me? Experience CBD edibles from the great state of Arkansas at Hot Springs Hemp Co.

Satisfy Your Snack Craving with Marijuanuts 

If sweets aren’t your preferred snack option, Hot Springs Hemp Co. also offers delicious CBD-infused peanuts from Marijuanuts! Coming in hot with both Cajun and Salted flavors, each bag contains 200mg of broad-spectrum CBD. You are free to vary your dosage based on your needs in that moment. As opposed to full-spectrum, broad-spectrum CBD contains a variety of cannabinoid compounds in the cannabis plant, but without any traces of THC.

Instant Coffee

Looking for som extra pep in your step? Perhaps your days are hectic and your only opportunity to add CBD to your daily routine is in the morning. No problem! Hot Springs Hemp Co. offers a delicious CBD-infused Smart Blend instant coffee from Naysa, one of the leaders in premium grade CBD products on the market. Every container has 30 servings inside, each with 25mg of CBD per cup. This coffee can be made by just adding water and stirring, containing 180mg of caffeine, and is completely THC-free! Consider adding a Colorado Hemp honey stick for some extra sweetness and added relaxation — all four flavors of honey sticks have 15mg of CBD.

Experience CBD Edibles

Experience CBD edibles from Hot Springs Hemp Company. Join us in our goal to educate the public on the benefits and safety of CBD. Our passion, our customers, and background in cannabis legalization and advocacy bring us closer to a more CBD-friendly world every day. 

So stop asking yourself ​​“where can I buy CBD edibles near me” and stop googling where to buy CBD edibles online. HSHC is your answer to both! Visit us at our brick-and-mortar in Hot Springs, Arkansas, or buy CBD edibles online from the comfort of your home anywhere in the United States.

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