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Hot Springs Hemp Co Holiday Gift Giving Guide 2021

The time has finally come to put your creativity, generosity and thoughtfulness to good use as you shop for holiday gifts for your loved ones. With all the potential possibilities and preferences ranging from person to person, shopping can be tough, but you know what tops our list for nearly everyone we’re shopping for? CBD Christmas gifts. At Hot Springs Hemp Co, we are your holiday hemp headquarters. Check out our holiday CBD gift guide.

CBD is an awesome gift to give this time of year because a gift of CBD isn’t just another wellness product. No, it’s the gift of pain relief, patience, a pep in your step and a break from feeling overwhelmed. With stressful holiday planning, wrangling family members and aches and pains that don’t take a break for the festivities, CBD has the potential to keep you calm while you carry on with your plans. 

So before we spill the beans on the best holiday hemp products, we want to make your Christmas shopping even brighter by giving you 20% off your holiday purchase with code HOLIDAY20 through December 31st. Now, let’s find you the perfect CBD Christmas gift with our Holiday CBD Gift Guide

Peppermint CBD Tincture

Tis’ the season of holiday flavors, which puts our Peppermint CBD Tincture at the top of our Christmas list. The sweet and subtle flavors of peppermint are wonderful on the pallet and mix well with holiday drinks. This versatile tincture comes packed with 2,000 mg of CBD/CBG, which offer side effects that range from calm to ready to rest your head. Looking for something with a smaller dose? Choose from our 500mg or 1,000mg options as well. 

Hemp Smokeables

Some people prefer to ingest their CBD the old-fashioned way with CBD-rich hemp flower. Choose from 3.5 grams of CBD-rich hemp flower in a variety of strains or choose pre-rolled joints of hemp-flower rich in CBG. CBD-rich flower is great for those who love to light up to feel relief, while CBG is a great gift for those who are looking for a good night of sleep. Either way, the smokers in your life will thank you for the gift of cannabinoid wellness. 

CBD-rich Topicals

Topicals are the perfect gift for your loved ones who are always nursing a sore joint or muscle. The hard-workers, the moms and grandmas, the grandfathers who still work as hard as they did when they were young bucks – all deserve a helping hand to soothe stiff and sore spots. With a swipe of CBD-infused oils and gels, those sore spots won’t feel quite as nagging. Choose from CBD topicals made with Emu oil or cooling aloe vera and menthol

Wild hemp cigarettes

Wild hemp “cigarettes” are a fast, convenient and clean way to smoke on the go. Although anyone who loves a good toke will enjoy these, they are a wonderful option for those who are looking to shift away from smoking tobacco-based cigarettes. With delicious flavors wrapped in a convenient “cigarette” pack, they are a delicious way to enjoy smoking hemp. 

Accessories (in-store)

Any CBD-smoker or hemp enthusiast will tell you that having the proper tools to enjoy CBD products is a must. That’s why we carry a wide variety of accessories in our store that make the perfect holiday hemp present, based in Hot Springs, Arkansas. From pipes and pieces to rolling papers and trays, we have a little bit of everything for your CBD-loving friends and family. Visit our store in the beautiful crystal capital of the world to shop for fun accessories your gift list will surely love. 

If you’re still looking for suggestions and have questions, come visit us in our retail store in Hot Springs, AK. For a limited time only, take 20% off your CBD Christmas gifts with promo code HOLIDAY20. It’s our gift to you. 

Hoping to order CBD Christmas gifts online or pick up your order? Give us a call! 

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