Bath & Skin Care ($9 - $35)

Bath & Skin Care

Hot Springs Hemp Company believes that your wellness should be one of your top priorities. Focusing on self-care through a bath and skin-care routine is a great way to treat yourself while supporting your mental health, physical wellness, and hygiene.

CBD skincare and CBD bath products have come a long way in the last few years. CBD skincare companies have created everything from CBD bath bombs to CBD infused skincare. Hot Springs Hemp Company bath & skin care products are designed with relief and relaxation in mind. There are many options to choose from in a variety of different scents, potencies, and product types. We carry products like:

  1. CBD bath bombs & concentrated soaks
  2. CBD soaps & lotions
  3. Lip balms with CBD
  4. CBD infused skincare products for your facial regimen

If you haven’t had your own spa night in a while (or ever… *gasp*!) it’s a great time to plan one for yourself. Better yet, include the family or your friends to a night of pampering with a CBD skincare night.

If you’re on your own, start your bath with a CBD bath bomb or bath soak and lather with CBD soap. Compliment your relaxing night with calming music, mood lighting, a good book/show, or meditation. When you’re done, moisturize head to toe with CBD infused skincare and lip balm. Then, focus in on your most tense and stiff joints with a CBD roll-on or CBD massage oil. An intentional evening of self-care is just what your body has been asking for.

Are you looking for a great gift for a family member or friend? Hot Springs Hemp Company is the best place to shop for CBD bath products, CBD skincare, tinctures, gummies, hemp flower, and so much more. Create a gift basket, and surprise your loved one with the gift of CBD wellness.

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