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THC Free CBD:CBG Oil Tincture Products

We formulate this blend with a combination of THC Free CBG & CBD Isolate derived from American grown and processed hemp.  This is a great choice for individuals who would like to enjoy the benefits of CBG & CBD but have professions where drug testing is required.  Zero THC

It is available in two potencies.  2,000mg & 5,000mg. There are 30 dropperfuls per bottle.  Each dropperful is 1ml of liquid.

In the 2,000mg Bottle there is 1,000mg of CBD and 1,000mg of CBG total.

In the 5,000mg Bottle there is 2,500mg of CBD and 2,500mg of CBG total.

Available in these 4 Delicious Flavors; Natural/Unflavored, Pina Colada, Peppermint & Strawberry.

Made by us for you at our Arkansas production facility.  3rd party lab tested.  We are your CBD store for high quality and low priced THC Free Products!

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