Dead Sea CBD Mask 50mg



Dead Sea CBD Mask

Hot Springs Hemp Company’s Dead Sea CBD Mask is uniquely formulated to give your skin the special treatment, leaving your skin feeling healthier and fresher. This CBD Mask works to reduce oil and sooth sensitive skin while purifying your pores. As an anti bacterial, CBD will help remove toxins and kill bacteria, leaving the skin feeling clean and refreshed. With the Bentonite and the Dead Sea Salt this mask will clean skin and increase glow by balancing oil production.

Just apply a layer to your face and leave on for 10-15 minutes until dry, then rinse with cool water.

Here are our favorite things about this mask!

  • Cleans skin and increases glow
    Works to soothe sensitive skin and purifies pores
    Reduces oil and combats acne
    Removes toxins and kills bacteria
    Balances oil production and helps clean pores

This Dead Sea CBD Mask is one of our favorite products in our skin care line, with regular use it will leave your skin feeling cleaner, purified and refreshed!

To Learn more about why CBD is so good for your skin, check out this article from medical news


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