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Our Most Potent Tinctures

Our most potent tincture is the 8,000mg 30mL bottle.

This powerful and potent CBD tincture has 267mg of THC Free hemp derived CBD Isolate per dropper (30 droppers per bottle).

Hot Springs Hemp Company’s most concentrated formula of Hemp CBD Isolate contains over 8,000mg of CBD per 30mL bottle.

We have only 2 ingredients in this formulation.  #1) CBD, #2) Organic MCT Oil (virgin coconut oil).  Our oils are 3rd party lab tested for potency and efficacy.

Our CBD oil tinctures are a valuable asset in your wellness tool box. It’s best to understand your end goals to know the amount of your pure CBD oil tincture you should consume. Some appropriate time’s to take your organic CBD tincture include:

  1. After a workout, walk, run, or physical activity that strained your body
  2. In the evening when winding down for sleep
  3. When feeling discomfort in the body
  4. At times when stress or anxiety is high
  5. After work or college classes
  6. When you want to relax with loved ones or have fun with friends
  7. When you want to feel calm
  8. To see if it could replace an over the counter pain reducer
  9. Before a creative activity or hobby
  10. And many more

Our most potent tincture is popular among those who:

  1. Enjoy being able to take a larger dose with less oil
  2. Need a larger dose to help support their wellness goals
  3. Are on a budget and want more for their money
  4. Prefer a more potent organic CBD tincture
  5. Want their Pure CBD tincture to last longer

We recommend taking your initial dosing based on your body weight.  Calculate 1/2 of your body weight and that would be the amount of mg of CBD we suggest you take.  Example= 200lbs would be 100mg of CBD.

That’s a good starting point and you can vary that based on your results.

We have a wide variety of CBD oil tinctures for sale to suit many different preferences. Are you looking for something specific and need help? Contact us for assistance via email or you can call our store at (501) 701-4004.

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