Tinctures Pets & Livestock ($20 - $50)

CBD Pet Care

CBD Oil Pet Tincture. Get All natural hemp oil CBD pet care for dogs!

Made by Us for You! – 100% Arkansas farmed and processed hemp extracted Full Spectrum CBD oil tinctures in 3 potencies (500mg for $20, 1000mg for $35, 2000mg for $50).

Available in these 4 Pet Friendly Flavors; Bacon, Chicken, Natural and Peanut Butter. Simply mix into or drop onto a favorite treat, effects within an hour!

We are your CBD store for high quality and low-priced CBD oil pet tincture Products!

Hot Springs Hemp Company produces, manufactures and distributes all of the tinctures we sell. Knowing where your products come from seed to sale gives you peace of mind that you are getting a consistent and quality product, every time. Our all natural hemp oil CBD pet care is a great option for most!

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